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The stories of Martin Toll

I need a miracle!

The first book of the series.
Welcome to the official site of the Martin Toll series of books. Get ready to travel from Cornwall to the other side of the galaxy at the flick of Martin’s fingers. The first of which is available on Amazon Kindle or paperback directly.
By author Dave Richards
Have you ever wondered why some people manage to survive incidents and catastrophes? They have miraculous escapes. Is it coincidence? Is it fate or is someone keeping an eye out for them? God? Or some other super being? Could it be natural selection? From the start of civilisation, humankind has been a part of and witnessed these events, so why them? Why that particular person or group. Why should they survive where others don't? Since the start of time, energy has been transformed from one thing to another and the universe uses a central point to move energy around the universe. This point, a small ball of light, controls the energy in stars, planets and entire galaxies, even black holes. And over the last fourteen billion years this ball of light became sentient. Over all those years, the ball started to watch life form on planets and noticed that sometimes the beings came to an untimely end when they didn't really deserve to, so for the last ten million years it started to search for a planet that it  could call home and possibly help any beings there and on other worlds to become their full potential when outside forces might otherwise cut their destinies short. Now it has help in the form of Martin Toll who, as a child found the ball of light glowing in the woods at the back of his parent's house after a storm. Now years later as an adult, helps those on Earth and beyond to help those who can't help themselves. To make talking to Martin easier, the ball can change into any form and chooses Martin's granddad who passed away some years earlier to communicate with him. So next time a so-called miracle is reported on TV or are involved in one, perhaps it was Martin that made it happen?